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- Auteur : "Carlye Adler" - Éditeur : Tous - Référence : Toutes - Format : Tous

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Télécharger le livre :  The Power of Positive Destruction

The Power of Positive Destruction


Carlye Adler , Seth Merrin

It's no longer good enough to build a company to last; today it's about building a company to ignite change. The Power of Positive Destruction reveals how to start a new business, disrupt an industry, and adapt to changing environments by leveraging technology...

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Télécharger le livre :  Startupland



Carlye Adler , Mikkel Svane

The real story of what it takes to risk it all and go for broke. Conventional wisdom says most startups need to be in Silicon Valley, started by young engineers around a sexy new idea, and backed by VC funding. But as Mikkel Svane reveals in...

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Télécharger le livre :  Rebooting Work

Rebooting Work


Carlye Adler , Maynard Webb

From Silicon Valley leader Maynard Webb, how we can leverage technology to change how we work Maynard Webb has always been the go-to guy when Silicon Valley companies have thorny problems. Whether revamping eBay's crashing servers (transforming their...

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Télécharger le livre :  The Dragonfly Effect

The Dragonfly Effect


Carlye Adler , Andy Smith , Jennifer Aaker

Proven strategies for harnessing the power of social media to drive social change Many books teach the mechanics of using Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube to compete in business. But no book addresses how to harness the incredible power of social media to make a...

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Télécharger le livre :  Behind the Cloud

Behind the Cloud


Marc Benioff , Carlye Adler

How did salesforce.com grow from a start up in a rented apartment into the world's fastest growing software company in less than a decade? For the first time, Marc Benioff, the visionary founder, chairman and CEO of salesforce.com, tells how he and his team created and...

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