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Mixed Breeds For Dummies

Miriam Fields-Babineau

For Dummies
Format: PDF,ePub

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Understand your mixed-breed dog Discover tips and tricks for the most effective training techniques Share your life with your new mixed-breed companion
Own a classy dog—no pedigree required
All dogs are unique—but mixed breeds are even more so! This friendly guide helps you count the ways, including why they often enjoy better health than their pedigreed counterparts and the reasons they can make better domestic companions. Whether you prefer mystery mixes or designer Labradoodles, a rescue from a shelter or a pup from a breeder—or you just want to know more about your dog—you'll find everything you need to properly choose, train, and care for your not-quite-best-in-show (but much-loved) best friend. This book will ensure you and your mixed-breed pal will live happily and healthily ever after.
Inside... Decide which mix is the one for you Understand your pooch's temperament Establish discipline and overcome common training challenges Groom and exercise your dog the right way

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